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At Brain & Language Connections, we aim to deliver the latest, most effective therapy programs. Individual sessions are available both during and after school and are offered for the duration of 50 minutes. 


What happens during a therapy session?

During a typical therapy session, your child will be engaged in activities that address the goals identified in the assessment. Treatment plans with clear, identifiable goals are developed based on each child’s individual strengths, weaknesses and needs. We use a range of therapy resources, games and computer programs to keep your child engaged and motivated as we recognise that when unchallenged and bored our brains just ‘turn off’.

What role do parents and caregivers play?

The role of a child’s parent or caregiver cannot be overstated - involvement is essential for a child’s success. We strongly encourage parents and caregivers to observe and participate when possible in their child’s therapy session. Liaison with your child’s school and/or other relevant professionals is also part of the therapy process. By working together, goals and strategies are reinforced across a range of environments making the rate of improvement and transfer of skills faster.

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