Lindamood Bell® Visualizing & Verbalizing®

Lindamood Bell® Visualizing and Verbalizing® (V/V) is a sequential program to help children develop picture or concept imagery as a base for language comprehension and thinking. 


Some children read words accurately, but can't comprehend the content. They may have an underlying difficulty connecting to the language they read or hear. A primary cause of language comprehension problems is a difficulty creating an imaged ‘gestalt’ - a whole. This is called weak concept imagery.

Lindamood Bell® Visualizing and Verbalizing®
Lindamood Bell® Visualizing & Verbalizing® for Language Comprehension and Thinking

Who would benefit from Visualizing & Verbalizing®?

Students who have weak concept imagery often display the following difficulties:

  • Have to reread material several times and often remember only a few details (parts), rather than the "whole' picture (main idea)

  • Seem shy and have difficulty organizing their language or may be talkative but use 'scattered' language, relating information out of sequence

  • Connect to only part of a conversation and have difficulty responding relevantly and thinking logically

  • May ask and re-ask the same question and are labelled a "poor listener"

  • Writing is often described as disorganized and nonspecific

 How does learning to Visualize and Verbalize help?

Once a child is able to visualize and verbalize, improvements are seen in:

  1. Reading Comprehension – better able to read material and understand it more than just remembering facts and details.

  2. Oral Language Comprehension - better able to process, organise and understand language concepts.

  3. Oral Language Expression - better able to process, organise and express language concepts, resulting in more succinct and fluent verbalizations.

  4. Written Language Expression - better able to organise and structure the content of paragraphs and reports, due to improvement in oral language expression and awareness that writing creates images for the reader. 

  5. Critical Thinking - The techniques taught in the V/V® process help in the development of critical thinking. Once the student has developed an imaged gestalt for a concept, interpretive questions are asked regarding main idea, inference, conclusion, prediction, and evaluation.


How to get started

A comprehensive assessment of your child’s phonological awareness, symbol imagery, language and/or literacy skills will determine whether or not a Lindamood Bell® program is an appropriate option. For more information on the Visualizing & Verbalizing® program, go to the Lindamood Bell® website (click here)


RESEARCH: "Autistic children improved reading and brain activity after 10-week reading intervention" (click here)

Brain & Language Connections is not affiliated with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes® however our Principal Speech Pathologist has been specifically trained in using the Visualizing & Verbalizing® program by a qualified instructor in Anaheim, California.