Lindamood Bell® Seeing Stars® Symbol Imagery for Fluency, Orthography, Sight Words, and Spelling

Lindamood Bell® Seeing Stars® successfully develops symbol imagery (symbol recognition) and directly applies that sensory-cognitive function to: sight word development, contextual fluency, spelling, and increasing the speed and stability of phonemic awareness. It is recommended for students who have already developed phonemic awareness skills.


We now know that a significant number of students - even those who have well-developed phonemic awareness - have difficulty with rapidly perceiving sounds in words, and are therefore slow to self-correct their reading errors. Their spelling is often phonetically accurate, but they can't remember the visual patterns of words.


One of the main causes of difficulty in establishing sight words and reading fluency is a difficulty in visualizing letters in words. This is called weak symbol imagery. Symbol imagery can be defined as the ability to visualize the identity, number, and sequence of sounds and letters within words. It is an essential skill that underlies fluent reading and accurate spelling.


The process-based instruction of Seeing Stars® teaches the student to create mental imagery for letters within words, and to connect that imagery to the sounds of language. This then extends into multisyllable words, contextual reading and spelling.

Lindamood Bell® Seeing Stars®
Lindamood Bell® Seeing Stars® Symbol Imagery for Phonemic Awareness, Sight Words, and Spelling

Who would benefit from the Seeing Stars® program?

Students who have weak symbol imagery often display the following difficulties:

  • Weak word attack skills

  • Poor sight-word recognition

  • Inaccurate spelling despite phonetic accuracy

  • Poor contextual reading fluency

  • Weak reading comprehension

  • Weak visual memory

  • Weak memory for dates, names, numerals, lists, etc.

  • Symptoms of dyslexia

How to get started

A comprehensive assessment of your child’s phonological awareness, symbol imagery, language and/or literacy skills will determine whether or not a Lindamood Bell® program is an appropriate option. For more information on the Seeing Stars® program, go to the Lindamood Bell® website (click here)

Brain & Language Connections is not affiliated with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes® however our Principal Speech Pathologist has been specifically trained in using the Seeing Stars® program by a qualified instructor at Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes® in Sydney.