Literacy Intensive Program - maximum gains in minimum time

***This program  is currently unavailable***

At Brain & Language Connections, our highly popular Literacy Intensive program is recommended for children who are at least 12 months behind in reading, spelling and/or writing, or for those who have been diagnosed with a Specific Learning Disorder such as dyslexia or its various subtypes. The program is fully individualised, with a 1:1 student to Speech Pathologist ratio.


Our literacy program incorporates explicit, direct, systematic, and multi-sensory instruction in reading and spelling/writing, as well as any underlying processing difficulties. We use evidence-based methods including a synthetic phonics approach combined with techniques from Lindamood Bell® Learning Processes, as part of our intensive literacy programs. It is through this combinations that we see results in:


  • Automaticity in phonological processing, to hasten word attack skills and the ability to self-correct


  • The ability to remember sequences of letters, to develop sight word recognition


  • Fluency in contextual reading (through increasing speed of phonetic processing and developing sight words)

  • The ability to remember words for spelling

  • Improved reading comprehension skills

How long does the program last?

For the literacy intensive programs completed at Brain & Language Connections, students can attend either a:

  • FULL program (intensive) – 4 days a week for a minimum of 90 minutes/session  (maximum 3 hours/session). This is followed by a partial program.


  • PARTIAL program – After completion of a minimum of two weeks of the full program, students must attend 1-2 days per week (60-90 minutes per session). Parents/carers are trained (must be present during the sessions), and need to allow 30-45 minutes for practise, approximately 3 times a week. 

- Students who attend a minimum 2-week full (intensive) program, will usually continue with the partial program  for at least 6 months.

- Students who attend a maximum 6-week full (intensive) program, may not require a partial program.

How to book your child in for a literacy intensive program

All students will have baseline testing completed prior to starting the program. We can accommodate one student at a time during the term, and up to two students in the school holidays. 

Brain & Language Connections is not affiliated with Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes®, however Speech Pathologists at Brain & Language Connections have been specifically trained by qualified instructors at Lindamood-Bell, in implementing the programs.